Our Services

Services Capability

Starborn Chemical also provide extended services to support our client for such an engineering solutions. Our hallmark is the delivery of solutions tailored to each Client’s precise objectives. Effectively and efficiently

Boiler and Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Starborn Chemical provide cleaning job services with suitable cleaning agent to recuring your Boiler & Heat Exchanger performance efficiency

Fluid Analysis Services

We provide fluid analysis services i.e. crude oil analysis, amine solvent analysis, and water chemistry analysis, etc. as required by our client

Corrosion Monitoring Services

We also provide corrosion monitoring services work toward your asset integrity concern

Engineering Study

Our Engineering Team provide comprehensive study for troubleshooting, optimization, existing plant revamping and/or new facilities development

Integrated Supply Management Services

Based on extended experiences in deliver various chemical management project, Starborn Chemical also having proven blue print to offer you with Integrated Supply Management through our STARCERM Program